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Are you tired of cleaning your mattress spill after spill?

Does it feel impossible to get the stain out? Typically, if you get a stain or a rip on your mattress, the warranty gets void.

So, what should you do? If you are thinking of getting a new one, then that would be a waste of money.

Why waste time and effort when a simple solution can keep your mattress safe and comfortable for a long time.

That’s right; a mattress protector is not only a feasible solution but also keeps your mattress warranty.


Here are top rated products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

DreamFit 4-Degree Dream Cool Performance...
Guaranteed to Fit and Guaranteed to Stay On; 100-Percent Waterproof; Moisture Wicking for Additional Comfort
DreamFit 4-Degree Dream Cool Performance...
Guaranteed to Fit and Guaranteed to Stay On; 100-Percent Waterproof; Moisture Wicking for Additional Comfort
Casper Sleep Waterproof Mattress Protector,...
The protector is quiet and doesn't affect the feel or comfort of any sleep surface.

7 Best Mattress Protectors Reviews

Just so you don’t get overwhelmed by mattress protectors’ choices out there, go through these detailed reviews of the best mattress protectors.

1. MALOUF Sleep TITE Waterproof Mattress Protector

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We can’t compromise our sleep and neither the comfort. Therefore, we go looking for mattresses according to our sleep preferences.

The last thing we all want is to buy an expensive mattress and get a cheap protector for it. So, why not try the ever comfy and protective Sleep TITE from MALOUF?

The most interesting feature this product has to offer is the unique “IceTech” fabric that the mattress protector is made of.

This fabric has been specially designed to dissipate body heat and give off a cooling effect.

The IceTech mattress protector has an impressive stitching pattern that is cool to the touch and is quite slick.

It serves two purposes, which include limiting the spread of liquid spills and producing a cooling environment.

Moreover, when it comes to spills, then this mattress protector is waterproof from five sides.

It only protects the mattress from liquid spills and protects against allergens, dust mites, dirt, and other harmful material.

Now let’s discuss the specification of the mattress. This sheet-style fitted mattress has an extra-thick elastic and deep pocket that completely encircles the skirt’s lower hem.

It can even accommodate a mattress depth from 6’’ to 22’’. It can also preserve its waterproof capabilities even after a wash.

  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Five-sided protector
  • IceTech fabric keeps it cool for sleeping.
  • Prevents the excessive spreading of spills
  • Secure fit on any mattress
  • It is expensive

2. LUCID 10 Inch Twin Hybrid Mattress

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When it comes to high-end and luxury mattresses and other sleeping accessories, LUCID is one of your top go-to brands.

This product is for people who are very particular about their sleeping preferences.

The LUCID 10’’ twin hybrid mattress is unique because its memory foam is infused with different materials.

First, the memory foam is infused with bamboo charcoal, perfect for people who hate feeling hot on the mattress.

It creates a cool microenvironment by regulating the temperature on the mattress. It also has another function of reducing the odor that many people would appreciate.

The mattress also offers the luxury and comfort many sleepers desire. This is due to the further infusion in the memory foam layer with aloe vera.

The relaxing and calming effect is created due to the high-quality foam infused with aloe vera.

The mattress is gentle with long-lasting support that comes from a 5.5’’ steel coil spring. They support the foam from below.

Have you been looking for something that is neither too plush nor too firm? Then don’t wait up and buy this medium-plush mattress right now!

You will be further satisfied by the quality as the mattresses use high-quality CertiPUR-US certified foam.

Not only do you get a high-end quality mattress, but it also comes with a LUCID encasement mattress protector.

Its deep pocket and bottom elastic make for a perfectly secure fit. Moreover, it completely protects the mattress from stains, bed bugs, liquids, and allergens.

  • High-quality transition foam
  • Medium-plush luxury mattress
  • Comes with an encasement mattress protector
  • Eliminates moisture and odors
  • Gets a little hot
  • Not too good for stomach sleepers

3. DreamFit 4-Degree Dream Cool Mattress Protector

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This mattress protector is a good fit for people looking for something simple yet effective.

Made from 25% cotton and 75% polyester, the DreamFit mattress protector is 100% waterproof.

Prefer healthy sleeping? The DreamFit mattress protector gives you this experience by keeping your mattress clean and germ-free.

It also provides resistance against allergens but is also bacterial resistant.

When it comes to comfort, this product is a fine competitor. Its fiber creates a cooling micro-climate that is both comfortable and relaxing.

Other great things about using this mattress protector are flexibility and its ability to withstand shrinkage when washed.

Worried about your mattress protector is too big or small? With DreamFit mattress protector 360-degree self-tailoring binding, you don’t have to worry about fitting at all.

  • Bacteria and allergen resistant
  • Strong and flexible fiber
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Good binding with high-performance, elastic corner straps
  • Less durability

4. Purecare Cooling 5-Sided Mattress Protector

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Want a mattress protector but can’t stand the sleep heat? Then this product review is just for you.

The 100% nylon PureCare mattress protector has incredible cooling benefits.

With its FRīO fibers, the mattress produces rapid chilling. This is because this product can dissipate body heat throughout the mattress five times faster than regular polyester.

FRīO fibers are a mineral-based technical textile that provides a cooler sleep surface.

The best part? It will last you a long time as the FRīO fibers have been built into each thread. They will not wash or wear out.

When it comes to protecting you from an unhealthy experience, this mattress protector certainly does a good job.

Your PureCare protector is safe from stains, deterioration, and odors. This is because it is treated with antimicrobial silver chloride. This gives protection against mildew, bacteria, and mold.

You can not only get a good cool sleep with this but also efficient protection.

The five sides (top and all sides) of the mattress provide a physical barrier against stains, allergens, mold, dust mites, and mildew.

Moreover, you can sanitize even further by washing and drying it on HOT settings.

An ideal mattress protector fits every base perfectly, and that’s exactly what this one does.

Whether it’s a standard or an adjustable base, this mattress protector provides ideal fitting for all types of mattresses.

  • Rapid cooling benefits
  • Fit for all mattress types
  • Protection against wash
  • Five-sided protection
  • 10-year warranty against accidental spills and tears
  • Less width of the elastic edge

5. Gotcha The Pure Collection Organic Cotton Jersey Mattress Protector

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Are you avoiding mattress protectors because they feel uncomfortable and bulky?

Not anymore! Not if you try the Organic Cotton Jersey mattress protector.

The key to undetectability? The soft organic cotton jersey material that the sleeping surface is made of. The skirting is made up of the same thing as well.

These sheet-style fitted mattress protectors feel undetectable and comfy.

When it comes to protection against spills, this mattress protector is 100% waterproof.

The laminated micro-thin polyurethane underside gives it good spill-proof functionality while maintaining breathability.

You don’t even need to worry about damaging it after a wash because it has good resistance against repeated laundry.

This mattress protector is also a good choice for people sensitive to chemicals.

It will not leak toxins or chemicals since it is insertable. Moreover, it also gives good protection against other fluids and dust mites.

Pro-environmentalists would love this product as it has biodegradable packaging of corn firm and hemp.

  • No harsh chemicals or toxins
  • Protection against fluids and dust mites
  • Soft sleeping surface
  • It is insert and will not leach toxins
  • Low mattress thickness

6. DreamFit 4-Degree Dream Cool

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Do your sleep preferences lie with simplicity, comfort, and healthiness?

Then the DreamFit DreamCool mattress protector is your go-to product when it comes to affordable yet effective.

The term Dream cool is actually a performance fiber that provides the mattress protector with numerous benefits.

One of the prominent benefits is the enhanced sleeping comfort that comes from moisture-wicking. It is basically the fiber’s ability to pull away from the moisture.

This also means that it gives effective protection against bacteria and allergens. This way, you can experience health and undisturbed sleep.

Worried about spills? Don’t worry; this mattress protector is 100% waterproof.

When it comes to the quality of the fiber, it is impressively comfortable and cooler with micro-climate.

With this mattress protector, you wouldn’t even need to worry about shrinkage.

The strength-polyester not only makes it strong but also makes it flexible enough to withstand shrinkage after washing.

Most people complain that their mattress protector is slippery and doesn’t fit well.

With DreamFit technology, you wouldn’t need to worry about unfitted mattress protectors.

This product features a unique 360-degree self-tailoring binding that guarantees a perfect fit. This is thanks to the high-performance, elastic corner straps that the mattress protector is equipped with.

  • Good binding and fitting
  • High-performance fiber for enhanced sleeping
  • Bacteria and allergen resistant
  • Little to no shrinkage when washed
  • Less thick

7. Casper Sleep Waterproof Mattress Protector

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How wonderful it would be to have a mattress cover that feels as if it’s not there. However, when it comes to emergencies, you feel grateful that it is.

Casper sleeps waterproof mattress protector is that kind of cover that is so light and breathable. It almost feels like it’s not there.

But when it comes to accidental spills and stains, it protects your mattress from almost all types of fluids.

This mattress protector consists of a perfect combination of materials that give both breathability and protection.

Humidity and thermal testing prove that the material used for this protector does not compromise your sleeping temperature.

Most of the material used is spandex and polyester that make up the skirting and the knit top.

The waterproof layer is made up of engineered material featuring polyethylene that makes it 100% waterproof.

Its 360-degree grip and elastic grip make it a universal fit for any mattress with up to 16’’ depth when it comes to fitting.

Do you hate the noise waterproof mattresses make? If you buy this product, then you have nothing to worry about.

The cover’s polyester knit fabric sandwiching the waterproof film keeps the noise to a minimum.

The noise is further reduced with the help of the unique skirting material that prevents it from shifting.

  • Perfect fit for every mattress
  • Good breathability and airflow
  • Good noise resistance
  • 100% water and spill-proof
  • It is not bedbug-proof

Buying Guide for Best Mattress Protector

Do you think you have enough time to spare to clean tough stains on mattresses? 

Even if you do, but what about dust mites? Allergen? Accidental spills? Worst, what if there is a tear?

There can be a dozen reasons for your mattress getting damaged but only one solution and it is a good mattress protector.

Why do you need a mattress protector? Simple, it will prolong your mattress’s life. Not only that, but it will help you with warranty and other health concerns.

So, don’t get overwhelmed, rather consider all the features and weigh the pros and cons.

For quick navigation, check this buying guide for the best mattress protectors.

How waterproof is it?

This may be the most obvious feature for which people buy a mattress protector.

You can have an accidental spill or the baby leaks on the bed. Anything can happen that can result in your mattress being spoiled.

That is why you should get a mattress protector that is 100% waterproof.

This gives protection against spills, moisture, and stains. This important feature also prevents mildew and mold from growing by blocking the fluids from soaking into the mattress.

Does it offer an allergen-free experience?

How unfortunate it is to be uncomfortable in one’s own bed. Reason?


Mattresses without protectors make a good breeding ground for dust mites as they feed off human skin flakes.

This most common household allergen can be eradicated using a mattress protector.

It would help if you bought a mattress protector that gives protection against dust mites and other allergens. It should fully encase the mattress and fit perfectly on all sides.

An unprotected mattress can cause a build-up of many allergies. That is why it is best to go for a box spring cover that gives maximum protection.

Choosing the Right Material

Choosing the type of material for your mattress protector depends mostly on your sleeping preferences.

If you prefer comfort over maximum protection, you should get a protector made of cotton or jersey.

Cotton mattress protectors are great for skin sensitive people as they are free from pesticide and chemical treatments.

If your utmost priority is a spill-free mattress protector, then opt for either vinyl or polyurethane. It provides good protection against spills and stains.

However, vinyl-based mattress protectors release toxic gases, but many companies are now choosing to make vinyl-free mattresses.

Breathability and Cooling

The new feature that is making mattress protectors popular is the cooling effect.

Everybody knows how uncomfortable sleep heat can be, and what better than a mattress protector that gives cooling effects?

Such mattress protectors are made up of specially engineered fabrics. They produce cooling effects by dissipating and distributing heat throughout the surface.

Along with the cooling effect, also make sure that the protector has good breathability.

Material such as polyurethane has efficient airflow that prevents the heat from being trapped.


It does seem peculiar that a spill-proof material needs to be washed, but sanitization is important no matter what.

That is why it is important to see the ease of washability of the mattress protector you are buying.

Washing the cover will save it from germs and odors. Therefore, make sure it is washable and does not damage the cover.

FAQ’s About Mattress Protectors

How does a mattress protector give protection against dust mites?

Dust mites make mattresses a feeding ground and therefore have become a common type of household allergen. Mattress protectors have polyurethane backing that protects the horizontal surface of the mattress. This prevents the dust from settling.  Since the bottom side is resting against the box spring, the mattress is protected therefrom dust.

Is it necessary to put a bedsheet over a mattress protector?

A mattress protector does not seem to be an appealing choice when it comes to presentation. Even though it is to protect the mattress, you would still want to place a sheet.

This definitely doesn’t mean that a bed sheet would hinder the mattress protector’s functionality or efficiency. It would simply add to the comfort and elongate its life.

Does the mattress protector fit on all types of mattresses? 

Most mattress protectors are said to be universally fit on all types of mattresses ranging from different depths.

The depth of the mattress that the protector accommodates is dependent on the brand type.

Good flexible mattresses can accommodate a mattress depth of up to 24’’ and more.

They fit perfectly well on a standardized mattress as only the protector’s top surface is lightly padded or quilted.

Is a mattress protector different from a mattress pad? 

A mattress pad is generally used for changing the comfort of the mattress. It mostly has to do with increasing the feeling of comfort while sleeping.

However, when it comes to mattress protectors, the main goal is to protect the bed from spills and allergens.

How does the cooling effect work in a mattress protector?

The unique fabric of the mattress protector has been specially engineered to induce the cooling effect.

The material used is capable of distributing and dissipating body heat throughout the surface of the bed. A mattress protector is perfect for people who can’t do with sleep heat.

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