Best Laptops for College Students Consumer Ratings & Reports

Choosing the best laptop for college could be an overwhelming task, but I have compiled a list of some of the recent best laptops for college students for your ease.

Gone are the days when college students had to carry big books and pens to copy down assignments – all hail to modern technology.


Here are the top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Apple MacBook Air (13-inch Retina Display,...
Stunning 13.3-inch Retina display with True Tone technology; Backlit Magic Keyboard and Touch ID
HP Pavilion Gaming 15-inch Laptop, Intel Core...
Video graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (4 GB GDDR5 dedicated).; Memory: 8 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM (not upgradable).

Best Laptops for College Students Reviews

Okay, to sort out the best for yourself, we would make this guide easier.

We will be placing the laptops according to their Operating System and descending in price.

1. Dell XPS Laptop | 256GB SSD | 16GB RAM

Price at Amazon!

Dell laptops have a pretty good image because of its striking balance between powerful laptop hardware along with its aesthetic features all of it at an affordable price. Dell knows how to pull off a successful edition of electronic gadgets because they have been doing it for generations.

Why should you buy it?

Dell XPS 13 is a perfect example of less for more. Its portability and power backup makes it one of the best laptops for college students.

It won’t ditch in the middle of the day, and you can easily carry it around; here is how!

Dell XPS 13 is the latest editions that have much better features than the previous editions. The laptop has a 10th generation version of the Intel Core (i7) Processor that determines better performance and even better battery life.

You can expect the battery life to be 19 hours approx. That is so cool, no?

But these features below make it worth having:


The screen of Dell XPS 13 has many awesome editions, one of which is a 1080p Ultra-HD screen that is 13.3 inches wide.

Another addition to this version is the placement of a webcam. It was at the bottom of the screen in the previous editions (which means it focused on your double chin rather than your face, alas!). In this edition, Dell realized it was a failed idea and restored the camera position of XPS 13 to the top-middle of the laptop screen.

The new webcam might be just 720p, but the microphone’s quality is awesome that it can even fetch noise from some distance.

Other features

The latest version of Dell XPS 13 also contains the latest features such as

A freaking light-weighted laptop that is only 2.7-pound heavy

The laptop is as thin as a rake, i.e., 0.3 inches.


SSD = 256

Two Thunderbolt 3 USB ports along with a microSD card slot

How many colors can we get?

Dell’s range of colors is luxurious in black with a silver; white with a touch of rose-gold with a white layout.

WOW! Is it affordable?

Yeah! If you think it is worth 1000 bucks for a basic edition, it is good to go!

My Overall Take!

The laptop is cool, but if you are conducting/taking online classes and are comfortable with a 720p webcam, you can get yours at

2. Apple MacBook Air | Latest Model

Price at Amazon!

Apple always has the best technology products in the world and this year, with its lighter than air version of MacBook Apple delivers the message that they are raising the bars higher than ever.

Why should you buy it?

Well, if you keep your obsession with Apple products aside and ask yourself this question, we have some answers for you.

College students refrain from getting a heavier laptop because of the difficulty of carrying it around, and here comes MacBook Air with its weightless hardware, which is thinner than your nails.

Here are some other factors that you need to look up to.


A college student knows the struggle of a hard keyboard like no other does; thus, MacBook Air’s newest version has better keyboards than ever.

Apple had adopted the design of Magic Keyboard from their other iconic MacBook Pro (you can get it too, but that’s more expensive so let’s stick to Air). Imagine the keyboard smooth as butter, and the laptop affordable as well.

Now, you can type your whole assignment by yourself without hurting your fingers.

Other features

Apple has made some amendments to its iconic MacBook version of 2008 with each passing year. The newest version contains:

13.3 inches wide with Ultra HD (2560 x 1600) screen.

Fingerprint Touch ID.

Mac has its own Operating System, i.e., MacOS.

2 fast-charging USB port, i.e., Thunderbolt 3.


10th generation dual-core Interprocessor (Core i3)  it is fan-less


SSD = 256GB

How many colors can I get?

Apple’s signature colors are usually Gold, Silver, and Gray, and for MacBook Air, that’s all they have for you.

This year, they had removed the SD card slot (because that’s too old-school, eh!).

Okay, that’s all cool, but what’s the price?

The starting price makes MacBook Air one of Apple’s most affordable products. You can upgrade the customizable parts (i.e., storage, memory, and processor)  if your pocket allows.

My Overall Take!

We loved this MacBook Air, and it is perfect for those who can afford to spend 1000 bucks on it.

You can buy it from if your range allows you to, but if not, then check out these laptops at lesser prices below.

3. HP Pavilion Gaming | NVIDIA GeForce

  Price at Amazon!

HP is one of the oldest technology brands globally (yeah! It has been here since 1939) and has managed to survive by acing the modern technology virtues. HP proves that every brand can push its limits and cease to grow with each passing year. A brand that gracefully adapted modern technology and embraced it.

HP Pavilion 15 has all the best features at less price. The look is strong and elegant.

It is an ideal laptop for college students; here is Why should you buy it?

What a college student wants are a fast-functioning laptop with more battery time and better connectivity. Well, an HP Pavilion 14 has it all and more.

Bigger screen

The screen size gets bigger with a 15.6-inch-wide 4K HD graphics quality.

Being an HP user, I can guarantee a better experience of online classes and educational documentaries because of its infinity edge technology (Pssst… you can watch your favorite movies in HD quality as well).

Other features

 HP Pavilion 15 has more features to offer, have a look, please!

This laptop has an 8th generation Intel i7 Core processor.

An 8GB RAM with 256GB service-storage makes it perfect for students.

Battery backup is 11 hours.

It comes with a pre-installed Windows 10.

Yeah, and what about colors?

Suppose you love shades of gray colors! HP Pavilion 14 are all shades of gray.

That’s cool! Anything else?

Yea! That’s not all! Because part of this laptop is affordability. It can cost around 700 bucks, and that is awesome!

My Overall Take!

At this price with such features, we would never be able to find a better choice than this HP Pavilion 14. Get yours on now!

Do you want more options? Let’s check out this one.

4. Google Pixelbook Chromebook

Price at Amazon!

Google has become a household name in the past two decades, and it has now launched a Pixelbook powered by its Operating System. It is known to be a luxury to afford its Pixelbook series until n; Google has come up with its Go edition that is perfect for budget-conscious buyers.

Google Pixelbook Go is ideal for college students because of its extremely awesome battery life.

The most intriguing part of Google Pixelbook Go is its affordability despite its latest features.

Battery life

The battery life of Google Pixelbook Go is the best part, as mentioned above. How?

All a college student need is the assurance of its laptop’s life, and that’s where Google Pixelbook Go comes with its awesome backup for more than 15 hours! YEAH! FOR REAL!

This duration for battery life is the best any laptop could offer to its users. But there is another exciting part of this laptop that is FAST CHARGING.

The battery is durable, as it can give a backup of 2 hours when charged for 20 minutes only! WICKED!!

Other Features

Apart from giving a long battery backup, Google Pixelbook Go has more things to offer its users.

Awesome HUSH keyboard.

It has magnesium hardware in matte black color.

Intel Core i7 processor.

Windows Operating System (duh! Obviously).

Ultra HD Display

RAM = 16GB

SSD = 256GB

1080pixel webcam (which is rare in a budget-friendly laptop)

How many colors are available in Google Pixelbook to Go?

Just black and Not pink is the only two colors that are offered by Google for Go.

Too many features are Pixelbook Go affordable?

We all know that Pixelbook Go is one of the most affordable gadgets, among other Google gadgets. It has some of the best features one can expect from a pocket-friendly laptop. However, the responsiveness of the touchpad causes some trouble for its users. You can get the best prices at

My Overall Take!

We were looking for a laptop that has a better set of keyboards and battery life. PIXELBOOK is what I got. It is an internet-friendly laptop – powered by the biggest search engine itself. Google Pixelbook Go is affordable, and I can surely neglect its cons to get it and make my life easier.

5. Acer Chromebook 4GB Ram | Low Budget Laptop

Price at Amazon!

Acer is the underdog in the world of laptops. The brand offers the lowest rates possible and never compromises its quality. For Acer, it is safe to say that they provide more value in less money. All of its features make other high-end brands look like a fool.

Remember the time we said that we have laptops for every category of budget? We meant that.

Acer Chromebook 15 might not be a fancy name to brag about, but it’s THE MOST INEXPENSIVE CHROMEBOOK ever!

Wait! What is a Chromebook?

If somehow, you are not aware of what a Chromebook is! Let us acknowledge you.

A Chromebook is considered to be the cousin of a laptop, which is sleek and quick but simple at the same time. The internet supports it because of Chrome OS.

Therefore, if you have no Wi-Fi connectivity issues, this book is worth reading.

Now, have a look at what Acer Chromebook 15 has to offer to its users.


Have you ever seen a laptop that has a freaking 15.6-inches widescreen with HD graphics at the lowest price ever? This is where Acer Chromebook 15 shines brightly. This is delightful and what’s cooler is the 1920 x 1080p HD quality.

It is ideal for online meetings because of the high-quality screen resolution and a 720p webcam for a better experience (Yeah, I know that a 720-pixels webcam is not enough, but this is the best offer at this price!).

Other features

Did you ever think of buying a laptop at the price of an iPod? Well, here are other features this laptop has to offer.

Dual-core Intel Celeron processor (1.5 GHz).

Chrome OS


SSD = 32GB

It also offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Does it have any color scheme to offer?

You can have this laptop in Gray color only.

And how affordable is it?

If you think that being a college student is already tough on your pocket, but getting a decent laptop is a necessity. You can get this laptop for under 500 bucks… yeah, that’s surreal, we know!

You can get this on at exciting prices.

My Overall Take!

Chromebook might not have similar features as a normal laptop, but it works perfectly fine for college students. With these features, Acer Chromebook has impressed us with the price.

Buying Guide for College Student Laptop

Nowadays, everything is compressed, portable, and easy-to-use. Technology has raised the standards of living and perhaps the standards of education. It has now become essential for students to have a laptop and a stable internet connection.

Don’t worry – we are taking this guide straight to the point now!

Before looking at the list, you must consider these factors below to choose the best laptop for yourself.


The price is indeed an important factor before choosing a laptop.

A good quality, features, and brand image determines high prices; whereas, average brand image, quality, and features are easily affordable.

Being a college student, one laptop’s range might vary from $300 to $1200 (exceptions are always there).

We have listed some best laptops with top-notch quality and variable prices in this buyer guide.

Operating system

An operating system is an essential part of a laptop.

There are various kinds of operating systems available nowadays. Thus, it is essential to choose the compatible one for you.

If you are already aware of Mac OS (or an active iPhone user and obsessed with Apple products), a MacBook would be ideal for you.

But which MacBook? You will see it later.

Consequently, if you are comfortable with the Windows Operating System, a saner choice is to have a laptop with that specific OS.

The latest Chrome OS has also been the talk of the town. You can always choose Chrome OS if you are obsessed with Google Chrome.

Whatever suits you the best!


Being a college student, carrying an oversized laptop could exhaust you.

The laptop’s size is unalterable; therefore, choose the best size for yourself at once.

There are all kinds of sizes, but remember that different sizes have different features (or might not have respective features).

For instance, when you choose a mini-laptop with a small screen, there is a strong possibility that it doesn’t support a high-end intel CPU (which is troublesome).


Okay, here, the major subject plays a big part.

If your major subject at college is science (or subjects that requires research and assignment papers), you might only require an average version of Intel core such as i3 or i5 (which is comparatively better).

And if you study computer/coding/graphic designing, you must choose the latest Core i7 or 19 for best performance.


RAM is also an important factor in an ideal laptop because 4GB is almost useless these days.

Now when everything is being shifted to digital, there are various ways to save your work online on your email address. However, RAM does play an important role.

A 16 GB RAM would be ideal for a college student.

But you can always find an 8GB or 32GB RAM in laptops.

Now that we have brainstormed the best feature of a laptop ideal for us. Let’s begin with the best laptop guide.

Final Verdict

A college student is mature enough to choose a perfect laptop for himself. All five laptops on the list have different features and prices, but they all are considered the market’s bests.

These laptops vary in price from the most expensive to the lowest possible cost available. Some have advanced features and a fancy name; whereas, others are basic with a mediocre brand.

But in the end, all these laptops are perfect for each kind of college student.

Now you have to choose what is best for you, and we wish you a good academic year ahead!

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