Ceiling Fans Consumer Ratings & Reports

In hot summer days, cooler or ceiling fans are like oxygen without spending much amount.

No doubt, air conditioners are the choice of modern class, but ceiling fans help maintain the room temperature according to your ease level without removing the climate’s humidity.


Here’s top products we picked out through amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget…

10 The Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

Let’s check the best ceiling fans according to the reviews of customers and consumer ratings and reports.

1. Quorum 66010-69 Mykonos 60 “- Ceiling Fan with Wall Control

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Quorum Mykonos 60 inches fan performs wonderfully in any indoor area. Throwing the perfect airflow with its 10 blades, this ceiling fan has become popular among its users.

Its unique design instantly catches the beholders’ eye, and its high performance imparts a bonus to this unit.

This version of the ceiling fan throws maximum cooling power and is suitable for any expansive indoor room.

In addition to this, it features a great DC motor that is highly functional and is capable of cooling any hot environment.

The company has taken a lot of pain in engineering its ceiling fans. Therefore, this particular Quorum ceiling fan is ultra-stylish and complies with industry standards.

It gives you 6 different speed adjustment options through a wall control system. If you think of installing this unit in some outdoor environment, you may feel a little disheartened. Because its blades never offer you rust and humidity resistance. But overall, for enormous indoor areas, this fan works exceptionally well.

Purchasing this fan to get large cooling areas will prove not frustrating at all.

What We Like!
  • Chic design
  • 6-speed settings
  • Maximum airflow efficiency
  • Good for enormous rooms
Things to Consider!
  • Costly
  • Indoor use only unit

2. Ceiling Fan Chandelier for Restaurant/ Home

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Don’t consider any other ceiling fan except this one when you want a combination of class and style within the four walls of your home decor.

Its three iron-wrought blades never fail to deliver the perfect wind airflow to your room. It seamlessly fits into the ceiling of your living room, bedroom, or restaurant.

Integrated with an LED light fan can illuminate your surroundings in three different ways. Set the light to get white, warm, or aurora light according to your preference.

With this fan, you have the feature of reversible direction, which means that you can adjust airflow circulation according to the season.

It comes with a hand-held remote control that makes it easy to control the fan’s speed and its lighting.

This fan is a favorite with consumers because it is less energy-consuming. You can keep it on throughout the day without getting worried about your electricity bill.

Its powerful motor never clatters whether you run it at low or high speed. A bonus to this is available in three different colors.

There is no need to look further when you purchase this ceiling fan because its manufacturer’s prime objective is customer satisfaction.

What We Like!
  • Energy saving
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Efficient for any size room
  •  Operated through a wall switch, a remote control
  • Its LED light can be adjusted in 3 modes
Things to Consider!
  • LED light may stop working after sometime

3. Minka Lavery f905l-ln Minka Aire 62 “ceiling fan

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If you are done with your noisy and shaky old-looking ceiling fan, then the Minka Lavery f905l ceiling fan will never disappoint you. Its contemporary looks with its latest technology have made it a favorite with home designers.

The first feature that never fails to inspire its users is its eye-catching design. Although replicated, this fan’s body and blades give the impression of being made from KOA wood.

If you are looking for a quiet ceiling fan option, then this unit is for you. Even at the highest speed, its motor remains noise-less and sound-less.

Neither too long nor too short, its blades are capable of throwing maximum breeze. At its maximum speed, it gives a windy airflow. Hence, its practicality is unquestionable.

It comes with an LED light to lighten up your living room dim or bright.

Added to all this, it is easy to be installed. You can mount it on the top of your ceiling using rods to raise or lower it.

You may find this unit a little bit pricey, but its design and efficient performance worth your money. Its purchase will give you a 100% customer satisfaction in the long run.

What We Like!
  • Stylish looks
  • Noise control ability
  • Adjustable speed
  • An LED light
  • Easy to set up
Things to Consider!
  •  Expensive

4. Xinqing Ceiling Fan Light, Fan Light

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Where most of the fans fall into low profile performance, this fan comes. The highly practical, sturdy, and modern looking Xinqing ceiling fan has become a popular pick among its users.

Its65W power motor uses DC conversion technology that consumes less energy. its body offers corrosion and rust resistance. Therefore it becomes a long time investment.

It never makes noise even at its low or high speed as usually happens with other ceiling fans. So when you want quiet surroundings, this ceiling fan remains silent while running.

It features an invisible lamp that softly brightens up the surroundings and never burdened your eyes.

For any 8by20 square rooms, this fan can be set up.

The fan is also facilitated with a remote controller or a wall switch. You can enjoy both ways according to your home wiring.

Even better, the fan offers you three wind adjustments. So you can enjoy low, medium, and high wind speed simultaneously.

As a user looking for a high-performance ceiling fan with durability, this unit becomes the perfect choice.

What We Like!
  • Energy-efficient DC  motor
  • The body and blades are corrosion resistant.
  • Durable hardware
  • Noiseless
Things to Consider!
  • Dim illumination

5. Frequency Conversion 6-Grade Ceiling Light with Fan

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This two-in-one fan perfectly fits into your small room, where you always want to have compact appliances to meet your needs.

It only uses one wire to connect the fan and light. Once you set up this unit, you can enjoy the wind and the light.

It features a very sleek contemporary design that will enhance the beauty of your ceiling. So in your home interior, this fan imparts a certain class and style. It uses only a 60cm diameter when mounted on your room’s ceiling.

Unlike most fans that create disturbance by making a squeaking noise, this fan works the opposite. It is quiet even at its high speed. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite TV show or read a storybook without any noise in your surroundings.

Its LED light never becomes an eyesore as it delivers soft light without a flash.

The cherry on the top operates through a remote control that saves you from getting up to on/off this unit.

Its efficient three blades and sturdy body makes this ceiling fan one of the top picks.

Cost-effective, sleek design, and maximum functionality: these three adjectives fully complement this ceiling fan. Buying this fan will turn out to be the ultimate pleasure.

What We Like!
  • Two-in-one fan with a built-in LED bulb.
  • Works great
  • Easy to install
  • A hand-held remote control
  • Available in three colors: white, gray, and coffee
Things to Consider!
  • For large ceiling areas and large rooms, its efficiency gets low

6. Harbor Breeze Mazon | Indoor Ceiling Fan

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Features at a Glance
  • The motor offers two modes of setting useable during the whole year
  • The smart look makes it suitable even in small rooms
  • The LED light can dim light

Harbor Breeze Mount ceiling fan offers lifetime durability its brushed nickel look makes it more attractive.

It consists of powerful motor technology and LED lights to make the fan more attractive and stylish. These fans are ideal for the different heights ceilings like bedroom, living room, and back porch.

What We Like!
  • Three different speed settings
  • Every setting can be controlled by remote
  • The reverse airflow feature can change the direction of the air
Things to Consider!
  • Fans used indoor only
  • Mostly these fans are recommended for small space

If you want to cool your small living space harbor breeze, minimal design can make it possible with low ceiling height. You can enjoy easy speed settings of the fan with remote control.

7. Hunter Fan Company 59246 Hunter Dempsey Fresh White Ceiling Fan

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Features at a Glance
  • Remote control for brightness adjustment
  • speed reversible motor can deliver powerful airflow
  • Easy to adjust 3-point mounting system helps to work ceiling fan in a different state

The Hunter Fan Company 59246 44″ Dempsey ceiling fan is known as modern ceiling fans consists of beautiful LED lights, which makes the room look more attractive.

This product’s most important feature has multiple speed reversible fan motors that provide extra air circulation even spread it throughout the room.

Hunter fan can be easily adjustable in different rooms like it is the ideal option for the bedroom, living room nursery, and children room

What We Like!
  • Perfect size for bedroom
  • Low noise during the working state
  • Easy installation
  • Energy saver
Things to Consider!
  • Just the indoor system
  • Lack of light dim function

Hunter Fan Company manufactured the most stylish and latest designs of fans with durable material. The brand is very reputable provides maximum air circulation without wasting a lot of energy.

This company offers contemporary and classic fans, the classic fans based on the heavy blades and old technologies; on the other hand, contemporary fans are the latest updated fans with modern design and technology.

8. Honeywell Palm Island 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

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Features at a Glance
  • 5 palm wooden leaf blades
  • Available in bronze color suitable with home decor
  • The motor has reversible settings

The Honeywell Palm tropical ceiling fan has palm leaf fan blades with the quality design it supports universal remotes to control.

4-speed settings are available to make it useful for summers as well as winters. These ceiling fans are not only used for circulating cold air also used for warm air in winters.

Fan appropriately worked in living space, car rooms, bedrooms, and even open sun areas where you want to spread air all around. Honeywell ceiling fan is recommended in spaces where you need a powerful fan to spread the cool air around efficiently.

What We Like!
  • The tropical design makes it more stylish
  • Perfect fan for large spaces
  • A reversible motor can be used in winters
Things to Consider!
  • No remote is added in the package
  • The light fixture is missing

The tropical design of the Honeywell ceiling fan works perfectly for circulating cool air as well as warm air

5 large palm blades help keep the temperature down even in a large spacious room, and the motor has a reversibility feature to make it useful for the whole year.

9. Minka-Aire F843-DK Ceiling Fan

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Features at a Glance
  • Three white blades
  • Ceiling Fan has a fine blade curve diameter of 52′ with 48 ° Blade Pitch
  • No automatic reversing switch

Minka Aire ceiling fans are the choice of modern people manufactured with metal base for large rooms like libraries, living rooms, and offices.

These fans generate 6585 airflow capacity with long size blades. It provides maximum comfort even in large spaces and with the best functionality in your budget.

What We Like!
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lifetime warranty
  • UL certified
Things to Consider!
  • Bit expensive but with outstanding features
  • No auto-reversing mode
  • Canopy screws are short

10. The Honeywell Tropical Ceiling Fan

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Features at a Glance
  • 3 speed settings are available in motor
  • Handmade wooden blades

The Honeywell Tropical Ceiling Fan has the latest look and modish appearance. These are liked by the people who want to maintain the home décor.

Also, the tropical design of ceiling fans can provide a maximum cooling effect without large noise. The shape and bronze color of wooden leaf blades provide a perfect look in different sizes of room.

What We Like!
  • The motor works slowly but much efficiently
  • Easy installation
  • These motors have a limited manufacturer warranty
Things to Consider!
  • can only be used as indoor use
  • have heavier units as compared to other similar fans, which can be challenging

These tropical-themed gorgeous fans have 5 hands craved blades to provide cooling and style to your space. The fan can be used in medium and large-sized rooms and would provide excellent performance in a family, living room, or other space.

Buying Guide for a Ceiling Fan

There are some crucial factors which are helpful to purchase the best product according to your need like:

Power Saving

Ceiling fans are a very convenient and budget effective option to make your room cool; at the same time, these ceiling fans can save your voltages.

Always judge which brand provides maximum power efficiency within your expected cost. If you are habitual of air conditioning, you can save 45% of bills by running ceiling fans to spread the whole room’s cool air. The same way in winter’s warm air can be easily pushed towards the floor by ceiling fans. In this way, you can spread heat or cool easily, even with tall ceilings also save energy and money.

Size of Fan

Always keep in mind larger rooms required larger ceiling fans. Every room has its own measurements and shape, and there is no hard and fast rule to choose the size of the fan, but air must be spread in the room.

Normally bedrooms consist of 400 square meters, and a fan of 50″ or 52″ can work efficiently. Some ceilings are above 8 feet. It would help if you hung a fan with a longer downward extension. Eight feet distance from the floor is suitable for the proper air; otherwise, you need to use an extension for properly circulating the air.

Motor Power

The motor is the most important part of the fan. It helps to operate blades for circulating air in the room. High-quality motors are always equipped with covered windings and sealed bearings, which are everlastingly lubricated for efficient work.

The motor is responsible for long term operation; it is specially designed to consume less power and maintain long-term operations.

Warranty Limitation

Always check the charge and warranty of the product before purchase. Some companies offer a lifetime guarantee, so pick the ceiling fan with long time assurance you can say pay the amount for getting a worthy product.

Blade Pitch

Fan blades regulate the room’s air pressure normally; the pitch is between 12-14 degrees for better air circulation. In simple words, the greater the angle of the blade pitches higher the air circulation in your place. If your ceiling fan has less than a 12-degree angle, then it cannot provide enough air in the room.


The product must be easy to install. Usually, ceiling fans come up with a proper instructional guide. In this way, you can operate your ceiling fan within no time, at the time of the new building wiring point left to attach ceiling fan with wires.

Ceiling fans are easy to configure and install; it can flow cold air in your whole space without making disturbing noise. You can choose your ceiling fan according to the architectural design, color, and home décor.

People think ceiling fans are only used in hot summer days, but they are wrong. In winter, when invertors throw warm air ceiling, fans can help to spread towards the floor.

Final Verdict

A ceiling fan is an outstanding replacement for a costly air conditioning system. It can save energy and money and provide a comfortable cooling effect. With the time passage ceiling, fans added more technical features, producing more cooling effect without noise and heavy energy consumption.

Many brands are available in the market, which offers the best powerful motor, air throw, and design. Choose one which can satisfy your requirements.

FAQ’s about Ceiling Fans

What are the best brands of ceiling fans in 2021?

Here is a list as per our editors;

  1. Harbor Breeze Mazon
  2. Hunter Fan Company
  3. Honeywell Palm Island
  4. Minka-Aire F843-DK Ceiling Fan
  5. The Honeywell Tropical Ceiling Fan

What is the best blade pitch for ceiling fans?

The best blade pitch is 12-15 as per experts.

How many blades are best for a ceiling fan?

If you are looking for a gentle breeze, then go for more blades like 4 & even 5. But if you need more chill, then 3 blades are the ideal choice. The more the blades, the quiet is the fan.

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