10 Best Adjustable Beds Consumer Ratings & Reports 2021

Adjustable beds are no more exclusive to hospitals!

You can have this luxury at your home to help you to sleep better.

Maintaining a sleep cycle will help you to avoid dizziness times.

No more zombie looks wondering to find your senses back to normal in the morning.

Grab the best adjustable bed & start falling asleep in the world’s most comfortable bed. That is not a dream anymore.

Proper sleep is the to maintain your mood after you wake up.


Here are the top rated adjustable beds we picked out that you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable...
38" W x 79" L x 15" H; Head Elevation is 65 degrees and foot elevation is 50 degrees; 3-speed separate dual head and foot massage so you can unwind, relax and soothe your body

Best Adjustable Beds Consumer Ratings & Reports

I have compiled a list of the 10 best adjustable beds based on consumer ratings and reports 2021.

1. Sven & Son Split King Essential Adjustable Bed Base

Sven & Son Split King Essential Adjustable Bed

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Features at a Glance
  • Adjustable settings for head and body
  • Zero gravity setting available
  • Special anti-snore feature
  • Manufactures’ warranty available
  • Smart remote control system

Don’t let this thinnest size fool you; it has some bells and whistles. This bed is for those couples/singles who have a severe snoring issue. Yes, it might look a bit like a tennis table, but we can leave it to the features section to reveal its qualities.

What We Like!
  • This bed will allow itself to adjust according to your body needs.
  • This bed also has USB ports built-in on the sides of the bed.
  • The under-bed lighting system makes it easy to move in a dark room.
  • An additional head-tilt function is all that you need.
  • Built-in massager, YES! That too!
Things to Consider!
  • I couldn’t find one!

2. Lucid L300 Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base

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Features at a Glance
  • It has an Aesthetic looks
  • Easy to install and move
  • It has USB ports to use for charging and control
  • It has adjustable positions for head, neck, and legs
  • You can get in three sizes different sizes.

The bed that has got hundreds and thousands of 5-star ranking on Amazon.com – is one of the most affordable bed on the list. You will be getting an automatic bed base that will only take 5 minutes to set up.

What We Like!
  • This bed base is customizable and can be set up on any bed base.
  • The structure is ideal for snorers.
  • The bed base also comes with a mattress from the same company.
  • The automatic setup system makes the setting hassle-free.
Things to Consider!
  • Although the brand does not offer a trial period, the reviews and ratings could be trusted.

3. Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base with Massage

Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam

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Features at a Glance
  • Easily adjustable to different positions
  • A built-in massager
  • Built-in USB port
  • It has Zero gravity feature
  • Wireless remote control

Sleep is undoubtedly a mandatory part of our life, and no one wants to sleep in an uncomfortable bed, yeah?

This bed has been hand-picked amongst all for the top position. This aesthetically pleasing bed has a minimalist design. A   Cool Gel memory foam is something out of the word used in it.

What We Like!
  • This bed frame has elevations for the head and feet.
  • The bed elevation could help prevent snoring.
  • The ideal elevation keeps the posture lengthened while reading books or watching television.
This is box title
  • Many models available & can be hectic to choose from

4. LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base witn 12″ Memory Foam Hybrid-Mattress

LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base

Buy at Amazon!

Features at a Glance
  • It has head and foor inclined options
  • You can enjoy zero gravity options
  • Your silent mattress (doesn’t makes annoying noises when you move)
  • It comes in all sizes ( queen, king, and split king, etc)

It has a wide range of comfortable accessories. It can accommodate two people at once and ideal for all kinds of sleepers. If anyone has back pain or chronic back issue, this bed has some cool features to look up.

What We Like!
  • It can adjust according to your height, mood, and position.
  • Wireless remote control options allow the sleepers to make changes.
  • Easy to assemble
Things to Consider!
  • Not any specific

5. Adjustable Bed Base Frame Smart Electric Beds Foundation

Adjustable Bed Base Frame Smart Electric Beds Foundation

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Features at a Glance
  • USB built-in port
  • Adjustable positions (obviously)
  • Wireless remote control (you might see them everywhere)
  • Lightings under the bed (well, that’s exciting)

This bed might look similar to the above one; however, it contains more features. This bed is a perfect combination of style and comfortableness.

Well, this offers two different bases for their adjustable bed; one is a bit expensive, and the other one might be perfect if you are looking for an affordable piece of furniture.

What We Like!
  • If you suffer from severe back pain, this bed will adjust to a position called the Zero Gravity position. By resetting its base to the Zero Gravity position, it is all set to go.
  • Adjustable beds are amazing. This bed has a built-in massager that will help you get rid of any muscle pain.
  • Its frictional surface won’t let you slip away easily.
Things to Consider!
  • The bed is beautiful & you may fall in love

6. Reverie 8Q Adjustable Power Foundation King

Reverie 8Q Adjustable Power Foundation King Buy at Amazon!

Features at a Glance
  • Spot massage feature at four different spots;
  • Bluetooth speakers with sub-woofers.
  • LED under-bed lights;
  • Wireless remote control feature;
  • A USB port on each side.

This bed has tons of quality features and a unique design. The first unique feature is its shape and foldable quality. It folds into four different places.

It will make you comfortable in every way, and its great lumbar support is one example of its high-quality feature.

What We Like!
  • If you and your partner suffer from any muscle pain, this bed is all for you.
  • It is ideal because of its adjustable height and position features.
  • With a ten years’ warranty, this bed ought to satisfy its customers by all means.
Things to Consider!
  • We couldn’t find one!

7. Mattress America Adjustable Bed Frame

Mattress America Adjustable Bed Frame Buy at Amazon!

Features at a Glance
  • Adjustable base for couples
  • Head and feet massage feature
  • A built-in USB port on both sides
  • Lights under the bed
  • Wireless remote control

If you already own an adjustable bed, then you must have realized by now that the struggle to adjust the mattress is real. And obviously, mutual consent is essential; this bed will allow each sleeper to customize its positions (Yeah! For real).

If it is your first time buying one, have a look at this one (because you wouldn’t want to sleep in any position that is uncomfortable for you.

What We Like!
  • This bed has everything to give you a comfortable experience.
  • Proudly a Mattress America
  • It offers you 15 years of warranty
  • Elegant look for your overall room
Things to Consider!
  • Not any specific

8. Reverie 5D Power Base Adjustable Bed

reverie 5D Adjustable Bed Base with Wireless Massage

Buy at Amazon!

Features at a Glance
  • Head and feet massage and elevations available
  • Built-in USB ports
  • Preset configuration for firmness and softness of mattress

This brand stands out all because of its versatile base designs there are twenty. Reverie adjustable beds have some very unique features with loads of space.

Somehow, they are not very suitable for people looking for stylish beds. The brand also produces mattresses for the beds – that go together like cupcakes and frosting.

What We Like!
  • This is perfect for back pains, chronic muscle pains, and snoring issues.
  • It is available in all six sizes.
  • It has wireless charger ports on both sides of the bed.
Things to Consider!
  • The brand does not allow any trial period.

9. Yaasa Luxe Adjustable Bed Frame Queen with Massage

Yaasa Luxe Adjustable Bed Frame Queen

Buy at Amazon!

Features at a Glance
  • Zero gravity and other reclining positions while sitting on the best
  • The technology of wall-sliding
  • Vast space for storage
  • The mattress is free

This bed might be the most colorless bed on the list, but it could be one of the most comfortable of all. This bed has features that will help reduce all kinds of stress and pain, and you will wake fresh!

What We Like!
  • Perfect for a couple but couples who weigh less, because it can only bear up to 700lbs.
  • If you want a bed with vast storage capacity, this is your go-to bed.
  • It has built-in USB ports on each side.
  • It helps the sleeper to snore less.
Things to Consider!
  • Looks like a hospital bed.

10. ZXL Bed Frame Bed Frame White Double Bed Frame


Buy at Amazon!

Features at a Glance
  • Adjustable air chambers;
  • Latest biometric technology sensors;
  • Perfect for two people.

Despite its weird name, this bed is the most beautiful and elegant looking bed in the list. These beds are more adjustable than you can imagine. It might be a costly one, but just have a look at its features and realize why it is so cool.

What We Like!
  • Air chambers are adjustable so you can adjust the firmness level of the mattress.
  • Sensors inside it make it user-friendly, which will adjust automatically according to your position.
Things to Consider!
  • Not very technology-friendly.

Buyers’ Guide for Adjustable Bed

There were times when adjustable beds were only found in hospitals, but now with the increasing ratio of chronic muscle pain and headaches adjustable beds have become an essential part of our lives.

They make sure that everyone sleeps peacefully and according to their body needs. Straight mattresses can be uncomfortable at times, and adjustable beds basically allow you to raise your head, neck, and leg position as required.

Tech Features

Adjustable beds have different kinds of features and benefits. One of the most common features of an adjustable bed is being a technology-friendly bed.

Let’s look at some of the most common technology-savvy features available in adjustable beds nowadays.

Built-in USB port

Nowadays, adjustable beds have become tech-savvy. A USB port could be used for various purposes, but the main purpose is to charge your cellphones. These can be found on both sides of the bed (better for couples).

Spot Massager

What is better than lying down on your bed after a long and tiring and get a free massage? I believe nothing! That’s a major reason for choosing an adjustable bed. Get a free massage anytime and every time.

Wireless Remote Control

Who would want to wake up and find the switches to elevate their bed base? Therefore, most brands offer a wireless remote control feature to adjust and reset the settings. These remote controllers also allow the user to save their favorite positions.

Under-bed lights

There were times when the sleepers had to keep a lamp beside their bed, but today, beds come with built-in lightings under them. These lights are controlled by either a switch or remote controllers.

Silent Alarms

Silent alarms are the most needed things while you’re asleep. They will wake you up by gently vibrating, without raising your heartbeats. Always look if the brand offers this feature; if it does, that brand has to be our favorite.

Sleep Trackers

Ever lost track of your sleep? If yes, this feature will help you track and record your sleeping time. This feature is handy if a person needs to figure out his/her sleep pattern. Most brands offer this extra feature.

After this, we have some other physical features of an adjustable bed that is commonly available in every bed.

Physical Features

The technology features are aforementioned, but some other features make an adjustable bed really adjustable.


Random beds are fixed at one position and remain at the same height forever, but an adjustable bed allows us to customize the bed’s height according to the needs.

Dual Adjustment

The probability of every human’s different preferences is too high; thus, many brands offer customizable adjustments for both sides of the bed according to each sleeper’s preference. This is indeed a cool feature of an adjustable bed.


If anyone is suffering from chronic back muscle pain, this zero-gravity setting is an ideal position to sleep. In this position, the sleeper’s legs are raised higher than the head to create a zero-gravity posture, which eventually reduces back pain.


Anyone who has slept with a snorer or is one might agree on the importance of this feature. This feature elevates the head of the snorer to let the air vent in and out properly.

Retainer Bar

There is an obvious problem that occurs when a bed is elevated, i.e., friction. It is imaginable that the mattress would slip out of the base if elevated to a certain height, but the retainer bars play a crucial role here.

Retainer bars prevent the mattress from slipping out of mattress. These bars are sometimes fixed at the base’s head and foot and sometimes fixed at the foot of the bed. You have to choose what’s better for you!


This is a cool feature as it eases down the sleeper’s body when the bed is inclined. However, the space between the bed and the wall remains constant.

While choosing an ideal adjustable bed for yourself, it would be great to consider certain factors yourselves. Here in this guide below, we will discuss some of the merits and demerits of an adjustable bed.

Merits to Consider

While talking about a bed’s features, it is also essential to discuss how these features can become beneficial for every one of us.

Muscle Pain Reliever

As we have already mentioned many times above, this is the only option that has made these adjustable beds a common household name.

These beds help the sleeper eliminate chronic pain in their body parts, mostly muscles, such as the head, neck, backbone, and legs.

They do it by providing an extremely comfortable position, body massage, and additional support than commonly available beds.

Snore Reducer

With their customized elevations, these beds can reduce snoring. It also helps people suffering from sleep apnea to get peaceful sleep. Some brands have a pre-set option to adjust the bed to elevate it to the required position.

Comfortability to adjust

They are very comfortable because of their elevation, which allows the sleeper to sleep in any comfortable position. Another aforementioned feature is its dual adjustment feature, where each person can set according to the preferences.

Demerits to Know


Although it is a perfect bedroom set, the biggest low point is its cost. The lowest price starts at a thousand bucks, which might not be very affordable for most people.

And if you want to buy a good quality bed base and mattress, the price starts skyrocketing with each increasing feature.

Shorter lifespan

Adjustable beds are seldom everlasting because of their technological components; the chances of malfunctions are higher than normal beds. Thus, if you are looking for a durable bed set, this might not be an ideal choice.


Unlike normal beds, these adjustable beds are very noisy while transitioning. However, some brands offer a feature to reduce noise.


The bed base becomes heavy due to exceptional features used in the elevation of the base. Their average weight is around 50kgs (1000lbs), making the entire bed a tough job.


Most commonly found mattresses are not usually compatible with the bed base; thus, you will have to choose the mattress wisely.

Final Verdict

Adjustable beds have become a new normal, with their features and merits, more and more people are opting for them instead of normal beds.

Life has become tougher with each passing day, and adjustable beds help ease our pains and solve our sleeping issues. Get yourself an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds are not just for hospitals nowadays. Modern beds have become comfortable.

Choose wisely, and enjoy it!

FAQ’s about Adjustable Beds

What are the best adjustable beds 2021?

Here are the best adjustable beds by consumer ratings & reports 2021:

  1. Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base with Massage
  2. Reverie 5D Power Base Adjustable Bed
  3. Adjustable Bed Base Frame Smart Electric Beds Foundation
  4. Reverie 8Q Adjustable Power Foundation King
  5. Yaasa Luxe Adjustable Bed Frame Queen with Massage

Are adjustable beds worth it?

Definitely, it will help you sleep or relax in a better way.

Is an adjustable bed can do massage?

Yes, it does. Make sure to buy with the features.

How much can an adjustable bed cost?

It can go from 200$ to 2500$ depends on the features.

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